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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

12. Old School New Body Reviews The Best Exercise Workout

Old School New Body breaks all conventional ideas about dieting and exercising. While the general advice you like to receive is that you should avoid eating fat, Old School New Body asserts that fat is essential for your body to remain younger. Yes, cutting down on your fat can result in your ageing faster, a prospect you will not be happy about it.

Old School New Body will also advise to go soft on your exercises. Exerting yourself by exercising for 45 minutes or one hour may not get you the results in the long run. But exercising 15 to 20 minutes on a regular basis will be more effective.

The type of exercises you do also has a bearing on the results you can expect. rather than working  yourself to exhaustion on a treadmill, you can do some simpler exercises which will be more effective.

You may not believe it but this book says it is enough if you can exercise for 90 minutes per week! So, what can be more encouraging to you than the information  that you can be healthy by including fat into your diet and exercising only for a short period.

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