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Monday, August 22, 2016

13. Is the sweet sugar a dangerous nutrient in your food?

How harmful is sugar? How does sugar compare with fat? Which is more harmful to your health, sugar or fat? Answers to these questions were found from studies made on the level of saturated fat in the bodies of people consuming  sugar or carbohydrates and fat in varying proportions. The results of these studies revealed some surprising facts. Sugar can be more harmful to your health than you think!

Sugar is sweet and everyone likes sweet. Even the language calls the good things sweet. We are conditioned to like sweetness as a taste  both in conscious and  unconscious ways. But the harm that is being caused to people by the sweet sugar is quite serious. Diabetes, the disease caused by high sugar levels afflicts a large number of people in the world.

Studies show that the most harmful ingredient in our food is not saturated fat but sugar! People’s craving for  processed food that is rich in sugar and refined carbohydrates makes them more vulnerable to diabetes and heart disease. Though popular wisdom  has been blaming  food with high fat content for our ills, the fact is that if you eat foods that are rich in more fat but poor in carbohydrates, the total saturated fat in your blood can actually go down! This has been borne out by studies.

Eating food with less carbohydrate content will result in your body burning saturated fat preferentially. The saturated fat level was found to go up when people ate food rich in carbohydrates.

These conclusions have been confirmed by Dr. Jess S.Volek, a professor of Ohio State University and a world renowned expert on low carbohydrate research.

So, the message is clear. If you want good health, don’t focus on reducing fat content. Focus on reducing the consumption of sugar and carbohydrates. Discover for yourself what your balanced diet should be.

You can read the article of Jeff S. Volek here:


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

12. Old School New Body Reviews The Best Exercise Workout

Old School New Body breaks all conventional ideas about dieting and exercising. While the general advice you like to receive is that you should avoid eating fat, Old School New Body asserts that fat is essential for your body to remain younger. Yes, cutting down on your fat can result in your ageing faster, a prospect you will not be happy about it.

Old School New Body will also advise to go soft on your exercises. Exerting yourself by exercising for 45 minutes or one hour may not get you the results in the long run. But exercising 15 to 20 minutes on a regular basis will be more effective.

The type of exercises you do also has a bearing on the results you can expect. rather than working  yourself to exhaustion on a treadmill, you can do some simpler exercises which will be more effective.

You may not believe it but this book says it is enough if you can exercise for 90 minutes per week! So, what can be more encouraging to you than the information  that you can be healthy by including fat into your diet and exercising only for a short period.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

11. Quick weight loss tips - 3 tips to lose weight fast

Weight loss programs that offer quick weight loss tips could belong to two extreme types - those that could be effective but too tough for an average person to follow and those that will make the weight loss process very simple but may turn out to be ineffective. In between the two are some weight loss programs that you will be able to follow  without much difficulty and will get results.

After analyzing a number of weight loss programs, ideas, tips, guides and even research reports, I have formulated a simple system that will enable you to lose weight within a short time. Yet, steps involved will be quite easy to follow. the system can be condensed into three steps, as outlined below.

1) Your weight loss goal should be specific but realistic
Setting a goal in any area could be the easiest thing in the world. But setting a goal that you will be able to work on is important if you want to achieve the goal. People often set ambitious goals, fail to reach them and then get frustrated. Eventually, they may get frustrated and give up the efforts at losing weight.confidence and encouragement. On the other hand, if you set a realistic goal and reach it, you will feel encouraged to set higher goals and make further process in your weight loss journey.

2) Let not your diet plan become a hindrance to your weight loss efforts
fat loss
Eating well and losing weight are not incompatible activities. Choose your diet intelligently in such a way that your diet plans aids not obstructs your weight loss efforts, as it happens with many people. Following a strict diet plan that will make you feel starved is a recipe for failure. You can't carry on a journey if it makes you tiring and uncomfortable. rather than eating little, eat intelligently by choosing foods that will make you feel energetic but will not make you gain weight.  You can click here to find out about one such fat loss diet.

 3) Exercise Regularly rather than Rigorously
A rigorous workout plan will meet the same fate as a strict diet plan. Ensure that you exercise regularly, even if it will be only for 15 minutes a day. To start with do some simple exercises so that you will feel enthused to continue the exercise plan without breaks. After a few weeks, you can increase both the duration and the intensity of the exercises. whenever you are idle,make it a point to exercise some muscles of your body. This will ensure that exercising will become integrated with your way of life.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

10. How to get a Six Pack body in Four Weeks

Getting a six pack could be a challenge in itself. Obtaining it inside four weeks ought to be a formidable challenge? Isn’t it so?
six pack body
Six Pack Body!
 it's very much doable. Plenty of individuals have done it. What's the key strategy utilized by them? I will define the steps here. This could be a ballroom dance method! 

Step 1: Avoid all fatty foods. 

Step 2: Eat healthy foods. 

I believe I need not tell you what foods to avoid and what foods to include. If you're unsure of this, click here for a helpful guide for losing fat.

To develop six packs,
 you have got to do exercises primarily. However instead of doing exercises for developing six pack abs, do the exercises for obtaining 3 sets of results:
1) Losing fat 
2) Increase your muscle strength and 
3) Developing six pack abs.

This means that the exercises
 can target all muscles in your body - right from your neck and shoulders, through your abdomen and hips to your arms, thighs, calves and feet.

 you have browsed this far, you would possibly have understood the message I'm making an attempt to drive home. The physical up keep of your body demands an integrated approach, not one set of rules for losing fat, another system for strengthening your muscles and a completely totally different methodology to create up six pack abs.

Once you
 perceive that these 3 objectives is combined, you can understand that you simply will get results quicker by attacking all the 3 issues along. but take care in your approach and do something. you ought to begin  with your diet 1st. and after a few days, begin with some easy exercises. And a few weeks later, once your body has begun to adapt itself to a replacement regime, add exercises for 6 pack abs conjointly.

 you begin implementing this integrated body improvement system, you may see fast results. These fast results can, in turn, provide you with the self assurance that you simply will build six pack abs in four weeks.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

9. Blood Pressure – Beware of Six Serious Risk Factors

The risk of high blood pressure is quite high and you can’t afford to be complacent about it. Some specific risk factors that you have to guard against have been identified. There are six risk factors which are more significant.  If you have one or more of these factors, then you should take steps to protect yourself.
  1. Age:
    The risk of contracting blood pressure increases with age. Statistics indicate that 50% of the people in the age group 50-60 and 75% of the people above 75 years suffer from high blood pressure.
  2. Overweight:People who have excess weight are more prone to be affected by high blood pressure. In fact if you are overweight, your chances of contracting hypertension are 6 times the chances for a person with normal weight.
  3. Family history of hypertension:
    If one or more among your parents, grandparents or siblings have had high blood pressure, you run a high risk of being  affected by high blood pressure.
  4. Improper diet:As you know only too well, diet plays an important role in maintaining your health. High salt consumption and consumption of packaged foods will result in accumulation of excess fluid in your body. This condition will impose an additional burden on the heart and will translate into increase in blood pressure.
  5. Inadequate physical activity:If you do not exercise regularly or if you are not otherwise physically active, the risk of hypertension will increase significantly.
  6. High Stress:Hypertension is sometimes characterized as a psychometric disease in that it can be caused by emotional stress.  You may not be able to avoid stress completely but you should be able to keep it under control.

Be in the look out for these risk factors and if one or more of these factors apply to you, you should be cautious to avoid getting affected by high blood pressure.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

8. Quit Smoking by Doing Exercises

Quit Smoking and Exercising – Are they related? Odd as it may sound, the answer is ‘yes,’ Exercising will help you give up smoking and lead a healthy life by the effect it has on your system, your overall health and your lifestyle in more than one way.  Let us see how exercising will help you quit smoking. 

1)      Exercise will reduce your carvings for nicotine:
If you are a habitual smoker, you have developed some carving for nicotine, the harmful chemical contained in tobacco. Studies have shown that exercises temporarily arrest your nicotine carvings. You can verify this by an experiment. Exercise for half an hour and you will discover that you won’t feel like smoking till sometime after you have finished the exercise.

You may wonder whether a temporary  cessation of the carving for cigarettes can help you quit smoking. If you exercise regularly, you will find that your desire to smoke becomes less and less intense over time. If you decide to quit smoking after doing exercises regularly for a few months, you will find it easier to  live without a cigarette.

While the connection between exercising and the decrease in the craving for tobacco defies a credible scientific explanation, it is generally agreed that the result is achieved by your mood getting lifted after you exercise. After all, smoking is related to your moods. You smoke more when you are in a depressed mood.
2)      Exercise reduces your stress level:
It is a well established fact that physical activity will reduce your stress. Since smoking is related to stress, it is only natural that exercising helps you to quit smoking. When you exercise, beneficial hormones are secreted in the brain which will fight the stress inducing hormone cortisol thereby have the effect of making you feel good. When you feel good, you are not inclined to think of going for a cigarette.

3)      Exercising makes you sleep well:
A sound sleep not only makes you feel physically stimulated but also frees you from the debilitating power of addictions. While it is not easy to come out of a habit overnight, the long term effect will be very strong. People who give up smoking often suffer from the debilitating symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Good sleep is the best antidote to overcome these withdrawal effects.
4)      Exercising will counter weigh again:
Well, I can hear your asking the question, ‘Pray what has weight gain got to do with giving up smoking?’ It is a bit indirect, but is important, nevertheless. Weight gain is often seen as a consequence of giving up smoking. By preventing the occurrence of weight gain, exercising helps you to quit smoking in an indirect way. 

To sum up, making a physical activity as a part of your quit smoking program will bolster your efforts and enhance the chances of your succeeding in saying goodbye to smoking once for all. Needless to add, exercise  not only helps you give up smoking but also improves your health. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

7. Control Hypertension without Use of Drugs

Hypertension Symptoms:
Some of the common symptoms of hypertension are:
• Giddiness, Dizziness and a Feeling of Instability.
• Palpitations.
• Insomnia (inability to sleep well).
• Digestive problems and Constipation.

Treatment of Hypertension:
Hypertension, like any other physical disorder needs to be treated by a physician. Yet, hypertension, not being a disease but only a condition can be controlled through diet, exercise and adjustment of lifestyle.

There are several claims about "cures" for hypertension through use of herbal medicines and other remedies. I do not like to go into the merits of these claims.

But there is a simple method which does not involve use of any drugs or remedies. This technique called Slow Breathing can bring down your blood pressure quickly and almost effortlessly. This method has medical recognition - FDA approved, easy to use and practicable by all.

This method has been used and endorsed by such institutions of repute as the Harvard Medical School, The Mayo Clinic, Rush-Presbyterian Hospital and the American Heart Association.

Studies published in the Journal of Human Hypertension and numerous other respected medical journals reveal that:

Breathing slowly and deeply (less than 10 breaths per minute) for 10 to 15 minutes a day while extending exhalation results in significant reductions in blood pressure. That's because gentle, slow breathing acts like a natural safety valve to relax muscle tension, especially in the chest area, allowing constricted blood vessels to open and relieve pressure on the heart.

It literally takes a load off your chest!